Fortress of Privacy: On-Site Hyper-Secure Messenger

HDV AuthenChat is an end-to-end encrypted messaging and calling application focused on delivering private and secure communications directly on user devices.

Our software boasts unparalleled security, offering organizations a super-secure solution for their internal and external communications needs. With the option to deploy it on-site at their premises, this ensures maximum control, privacy, and compliance with stringent security requirements, providing peace of mind for organizations seeking the utmost protection for their sensitive information.

Within the HDV AuthenChat system, data is stored and managed across two crucial layers:

  • Storage Layer: This layer is responsible for housing the data within the HDV AuthenChat system. Databases are employed to store user information and data related to encrypted messages. Additionally, the file storage system handles the storage of encrypted attachments, user avatars, and various other files essential for the system's operation.

  • Application Layer: The primary interface for the system is provided by the application layer, offering the core functionalities. Users can interact with each other and with the system through the HDV AuthenChat application installed on personal devices, such as mobile phones or computers.

In the background, the HDV AuthenChat backend service takes on a critical role by providing key system features, including the temporary storage of encrypted messages, a repository for public keys, functions related to device interconnection, and various management-related functions. Furthermore, a third-party notification service is utilized to send notifications to mobile devices when users are not online. The call service is in place to facilitate individual or group calls, rounding out the comprehensive capabilities of the system.

Key Features:

End-to-end encryption for all messaging and voice/video calls within the app. This ensures only conversation participants can access the content - not even HDV AuthenChat servers. This provides peace of mind for sensitive communications.

  • Advanced security capabilities like self-destructing messages, screen capture warnings, and more to further protect user privacy.

  • Messaging functionality like individual and group chats.

  • Calling capabilities via VoIP.

  • Enabling convenient communications.

  • Contact management system for organizing connections.

  • Account management tools.

  • Administrative website and CMS for managing users, configurations, roles. This enables centralized management and control.

Features to support workgroup:

  • Manage messages with options like delete, edit, forward, reply, and pin/unpin messages.

  • Easily view the list of members and member permissions in the chat group.

  • Admin users can add or remove members in the chat group.

  • Admin users can assign or unassign admin permissions to group members.

  • Admin users can lock or unlock chats.

  • Admin users can hide or unhide chats.

  • HDV AuthenChat allows the setting of self-destructing messages for added privacy.

  • Admin users have the ability to delete the group chat history.

  • Admin users can delete entire groups.

  • Users can leave a group if they have the necessary permission.

  • The CMS system can open a group as required.

Multi-Platform Support:

  • Users can log in simultaneously on multiple devices.

  • Users can log in simultaneously on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS.

HDV AuthenChat ultimately provides an integrated, highly secure communication solution with extensive privacy protections and control for users. Organizations can leverage it for confidential internal communications. Governments and governmental agencies can authorize staff with access. The end-to-end encryption and device-only nature of it provides assurance against external eavesdropping.

Security Measures:

  • Messages are encrypted using end-to-end protocols, ensuring that only the intended receiver can decrypt the message.

  • This safeguards the message from theft and unauthorized access.

  • Support for a system that guards against denial of service attacks, enhancing the platform's security and resilience against potential attacks.