An analytics powerhouse for unlocking social data value

HDV SOLYTIX is an advanced social networks analytics platform that provides real-time monitoring, aggregation and intelligence for social networks and online sources. The system enables organizations to gain valuable insights from the vast amount of data across social media, news sites, forums and other platforms.

The key benefits of HDV SOLYTIX include real-time data collection, intelligent analysis of text, visualizations for multi-dimensional perspective, alerting on high-value content, and recommendations for timely insights.

HDV SOLYTIX has extensive capabilities for collecting data across online sources through configurable real-time data synthesizers. The aggregated data is processed using natural language processing, sentiment analysis, influence scoring, and trend analysis. The analysis layer applies AI to evaluate content, sentiments, trends and influence.

The presentation layer provides visual analytical dashboards across web and mobile apps. Customizable alerts and notifications enable actionable insights.

Additional suggested features include multimedia analysis, location data analytics, predictive modeling, collaboration tools, APIs, access controls, custom taxonomy, and ontology support.

With these comprehensive features for gathering, processing, analyzing and visualizing online data, HDV SOLYTIX serves as an indispensable platform for organizations to unlock the value of social data. The combination of real-time streams, intelligent analysis and interactive dashboards empower teams with data-driven insights and engagement.

Main benefits of HDV SOLYTIX:

  • Near real-time monitoring and analysis of social networks

  • Aggregating data from diverse sources

  • Providing visualizations for multi-dimensional analysis

  • Intelligent analysis for sentiment, influence, trends

  • Alerting for high-interaction content

  • Recommendations for timely insights

Main features of HDV SOLYTIX:

  • Real-time synthesizers for news, social media, forums

  • Aggregation by topics, sources, time periods

  • Detailed interaction reports

  • Exportable reports

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Influence scoring

  • Trend analysis

  • Content evaluation

  • Visualizations and dashboards

  • Image and video analysis with computer vision

  • Location data analysis

  • Predictive modeling capabilities

  • Customizable alerts and notifications

  • Collaboration tools for teams

  • APIs for integration with other systems

  • User management and access controls

  • Website and mobile apps